Zero Down Your Debt

Topics: Scott reviews the book Zero Down Your Debt – Reclaim your income and build a life you’ll love.

– Carlos (Ramona, CA) has started a new job and needs to pick from a 401(a), 457(b) or Roth 457(b) plan.

– Jacob is 36 years old with $134k of debt and an inherited IRA valued at $35k. He asks if he should cash out the IRA and apply it towards the debt.

– What can you find at the dollar store?

– Are target date funds better than DIY investing?

– Benjamin (Ivory Coast) got a big inheritance and wants to invest in a business.

– Renee (Monroe, OH) is getting started with investing and asks about which funds to invest in.

– Follow up for Rafael (NYC) on if Vanguard employees invest in Vanguard index funds.

– Tyrone (San Francisco, CA) and his wife are debt free!

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