Would You Jump Off A Perfectly Good Cliff?

Topics: Scott’s afraid of heights but it didn’t stop him from parasailing off a 1,000 FT cliff in Switzerland. How can you overcome the fears of the decisions you’re making today that will ripple through the rest of your life?

– Adam (St. Louis, MO) is 29 with 3 kids with a lot of financial priorities and needs some guidance on ordering them.

– JohnnyIPA (Lincoln, NB) has a follow up question on his whole life insurance policy and the cash value inside it.

– Josh is starting to earn a good commission at his job but has a problem with overspending.

– Medical marijuana ETFs are coming – what’s all the buzz about?

– John (Ohio) is 56 with $600k in a 457(b) and asks about recommended stock/bond split for his age and retirement goals.

– Phil has maxed out his Roth IRA and wonders where to put extra investment money.

– Helen (BBQ Capital of the World) is having challenges focusing on paying down debts.

– Chris has a HELOC about to reset to 8% and wonders what he should do about it.

– Quote of the day from Steve Vai.

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