Which Debts Should Ann Focus On First?

On today’s show: There are two types of insurance that can make or break a financial plan, and very few people have them. Are you covered?

– Ann is about to be debt free and asks for some final advice on tackling her remaining debts.

– GIselle (Miami, FL) is juggling a lot of debts and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and needs some guidance on what to do.

– Anonymous has a company matched 401(k) to 6% and wonders why they keep bothering him to increase the contribution to 10%.

– Justin asks why people who draw Social security and Supplemental Security Income struggle.

– Monica (Ypsilanti, MI) is in a small town where jobs are hard to come by and is trying to get ahead.

– Max asks if Scott has found favor with the man-bun crowd.

– We tried Blue Apron, here’s what happened.

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