Where are they now?

Topics: Are 150 million Americans saving for retirement going to be hurt?

– La Forge (Parts Unknown) asks about the differences between ETFs and index funds if they hold the same stuff.

– Jason is shifting his investments from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA and wonders if he should convert his existing traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.

– Where are they know? An update on Jordan and Martin.

– Making 6 small changes for better habits saved Tyler and Jaquiline $1,200 a month.

– James and his wife are deciding between putting 5% down on a house with a 30-year mortgage or saving 20% down and doing a 10-15 year mortgage.

– How is Katie coming along with our 1950’s fixer upper?

– What are the best renovations for your money in 2017?

– Brian celebrates one year of creating more margin in his life.

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How changing small habits saved this couple $1,200 a month –

The Renovations That Will Pay Off the Most for Your Home in 2017 –

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