What One Thing Will Help You Succeed At Everything?

Topics: Scott reveals the not-so-secret tip all successful people do to become and stay successful. It’s simple, but it ain’t easy. But anyone can do it.

– Rafael (New York) believes that Vanguard employees are not putting their money where their mouth is. What does Vanguard have to say about this?

– Tyrone (San Francisco, CA) has a follow up to how he and his wife plan on saving up for their house.

– Michael is age 59 with $60,000 in debt and is considering canceling disability insurance to speed up the debt payoff.

– Carlos (Ramona, CA) has started a new job and needs to pick from a 401(a), 457(b) or Roth 457(b) plan.

– The #1 piece of advice for retirement investors.

– One phone call that saved me from a potential $5,000 mistake.

– Christopher needs help making a dent in student loans.

– Would you pass the marshmallow test?

– A quick and easy way to simplify your budget.

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