Using a Roth IRA to Pay For College

Topics: Some experts say to pay for college with your Roth IRA, while others say a 529 is best. What are the pros and cons of each and which is best?

– Tips for facing final exams.

– HW is working with a fee-only planner who got him into some funds owned by the advisor’s company, and asks if this behavior is normal.

– Ashley wants to know how to stop compulsive buying.

– Nicole (Columbus, OH) and her husband earn $200k a year and asks about how to prioritize their retirement account contributions.

– C (Maine) has over $1M in net worth and asks about estate planning, living wills and revocable living trusts.

– What do teens want?

– Larry and his wife paid off $192,000 in debt!

– Quote of the day from Zig Ziglar.

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Roth IRAs Knock Out 529 Plans –

529 Plans Trump Roth IRAs –

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