Tranont OneView: All Out Review

Tranont is a fairly new Network Marketing company that has a mission to help get people out of debt. This report will analyze the facts, and give you Tranont OneView Reviewed, Analyzed and Dissected. I am a third party that is not promoting Tranont, and highly experienced in reviewing Network Marketing opportunities. Therefore, this may be one of the most unbiased, and informative reviews you will be able to find on the company.

First, Let’s look at the Product. Tranont has a debt elimination software that helps you view and manage all of your financial obligations on one page(Hence the product’s name; “OneView”). You simply input all of the information for your credit accounts, expenses and mortgages into their unique software and it runs a mathematical algorithm that supposedly can take years off of paying down your debt.

The problem with banks and credit cards is that they don’t want you to be out of debt. Debt creates interest, and interest makes money for the banks and credit agencies; the more debt you have, the happier the banks are because it makes them filthy rich. Tranont is claiming that they have figured out a mathematical Algorithm that can help you use their own system against them, and get you out of debt one heck of a lot faster.

For me, this product would be useless, as I adopted a philosophy when I was young to not spend money that I don’t have. However, I am well aware that most of the free world has gotten suckered into the attractive trap of “buy now and pay later.” Some group of Sleazy Geniuses sold this damaging philosophy to the world, and our economy is suffering greatly because of it. It’s another long discussion off the subject, but this is basically how banks are able to ‘create money out of thin air.’

I am a firm advocate of people freeing themselves from the chains of debt, so if this product actually works, and shaves years off your debt, I would say that it is well worth it. Let’s be honest, most people have basically no idea how money works, and it would be pretty nice to have some computer tell you how to stick it to the banks, rather than spending years trying to figure it out on your own.

Now, let’s take a hard look at the opportunity end of Tranont. It is basically $350 to join Tranont, and the monthly fee is about $60 a month. Their compensation plan has pretty high payouts on the front end, and pays out from ‘cycling’ through their matrix. There are also residual income streams that pay out 9 levels deep. I didn’t do an in depth mathematical dissection of their comp plan, but on the surface it appears to have a fairly descent payout.

So, what are the possible problems with Tranont? First of all they are brand new. This is both a positive and a negative in that one has the opportunity to be on the “ground floor,” but who knows if the company is going to make it long term. One thing that I couldn’t find in my research is the financial stability of the company. Being that their product is a debt elimination program, I would assume that they have a solid financial base, but if you are looking into the opportunity side of it, I would confirm that before making a decision. Take for instance what just happened to Eiro Research, the company Ty Tribble was marketing for, here is an excerpt of the letter they recently sent this to their distributors:

“It is with regret that I announce to you the Eiro Research has officially ceased operation. While the company experienced strong early growth and reached profitability quickly, revenues declined dramatically in November-December, 2010 and management believes the company is no longer sustainable.”

The second problem that I see is the probable vision of the company. The company’s vision is to market their debt elimination software, and for the time being, they have chosen to do that through the network marketing model. I can’t find the information on who exactly owns the company, but I am willing to bet that it is a traditional corporation that is not made up of Network Marketers. Why is this important?

This is critical in choosing a company to market for long term. There are numerous accounts in the industry when a company simply “decided not to do network marketing anymore.” My brother, David, had a six figure income in ILearningGlobal, and the corporate leadership decided to switch to a “traditional model.” The same thing happened with Excel Communications in the 90’s. Who owns the company, and what their background, and long term vision is, should be a major factor in choosing your opportunity.

My professional analysis is that Tranont has a killer product(if it works), and the opportunity pays out well. They don’t have any signs that they are a scam, and their mission to get people out of the cycle of debt that the credit companies have put the free world into is commendable. If you are looking at aligning yourself with them, I have a few suggestions:

  1. Research the financial stability of the company.
  2. Find out who owns it, and what exactly their long term vision is.
  3. Try the product, or research it extensively, to see if it actually works before you start marketing it.
  4. Brand Yourself, so that you can have a list of leads to start over if the company goes under, or decides to switch to traditional marketing.

Whether one ever uses Tranont’s OneView Product or not, everyone should be actively working to get out of debt.

Source by Aki Wood

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