Review- Authorized User Tradelines to Boost Credit Score

Jim explains his experience in working with and gives us his Video Review.
Jim from Washington maxed out 5 of his Credit Cards to remodel his new Home. Then then tried to get a Home Equity Line of Credit to consolidate those Credit Cards into a single Loan, but was declined because his Credit Scores were too low from maxing out the Credit Cards, and thus could not get Approved for the Home Equity Line of Credit he wanted. He then contacted and purchased 2 Seasoned Authorized User Tradelines on his Credit Profile and 2 on his Wife’s Credit Profile. Within 30 Days, all 4 Authorized User Accounts had reported on their Credit Profiles and their Credit Scores went up well over 80 Points, allowing him to refinance him home and consolidate all his Credit Card Debt from the remodeling job. He now has High 750+ Credit Scores and recommends to anyone looking to raise their Credit Scores FAST. Thanks Jim!
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