Top 10 Money Mistakes In Buying A Car

Purchasing a car is a big investment. It is also an exciting experience especially for first time car buyers. With all the excitement, many car buyers often make wrong decisions because they lack the information and sometimes due to impulsiveness. Here are the top ten money mistakes people commit when buying a car:

1. Buying your ideal car.

Cars come in different models and each one has his own "ideal" type of car that he wants to have. But focusing on a single type of car just because it looks amazing is not a very a good idea. Instead of just thinking about the look and style of the car, consider your need and lifestyle. Most importantly consider your budget when choosing a car.

2. Not going for a road drive test.

When buying a car, this is one of the most important steps that you should never miss. A car may look impressive both in and out but you'll never know the exact condition of car unless you personally take it for a test drive.

3. Negotiating based on the tag price of the car.

Before negotiating for a lower price, find out what the car's real price is. You may think you're getting a huge discount from the price you asked for when in truth, you can still ask for a much lower price than that.

4. Not considering the entire price of the deal.

Dealers usually entice car buyers by giving the monthly-payment amount of the car. This way, it will not seem like a very huge amount for the buyer. When talking with a car dealer, ask how much is the full cost of the car first. Then ask for the other costs such as if you do a trade-in, financing, or leasing. This will give you a better idea on the true cost of the car.

5. Buying the car just because of the incentives included in the package.

Car sellers often include additional bonuses to attract car buyers in purchasing the car. Incentives may include rebates, 0% financing, etc. You may be convinced to make the purchase just because you're thinking about the savings you can get from the whole package. But the more important question is, is the car really worth the buy? Remember, your main goal is to buy a car that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

6. Not shopping around for the right car financing loan.

Finding the right financing company is just as important as finding the right car. If you have plans of buying a car, it's a good idea to start researching about car financing companies in advance before even looking for a car.

7. Not preparing your credit.

An excellent credit report is crucial in getting deals on your car loans. Thus, if you intend to buy a car, it's recommended to start working on your credit report at least six months ahead to make sure that when you apply for a car loan, you'll approved and get the best rates too.

8. Purchasing additional items from the car dealer.

You're car dealer may talk you into buying extra services to enhance the look of your car such as paint protection, VIN etching, rustproofing, etc. But this can make your purchase unreasonably higher than it should be. If you want to avail of these things, it's better to get them separately.

9. Not doing your own research.

If you're going to trade your old car for a new one, make sure that you do your own research about the value of your car in the market. Do not let dealers simply talk you into believing that this is your car's worth without checking on this yourself.

10. Not having the car checked by a professional.

Before you purchase a vehicle, hire a mechanic to diagnose the vehicle for you especially if you're buying a used car. If it's a second hand car, ask the mechanic to write a detailed report about the car's condition and the repairs that are needed. Show this report when you negotiate for the price of the car.

Source by Melanie Mathis

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