Their Money Trumps Your Money


– Lena (Wheeling, IL) is trying to figure out her investment options in her HSA.

– How to get ahead by netweaving instead of networking.

– Henry (CT) has a 30 year fixed loan with a $225k balance and asks about refinancing with a VA Hybrid ARM.

– This company is raising prices to get rid of it’s customers.

– Daniel (Buffalo, NY) has a son graduating from college and wants to know if he should keep a life insurance policy for him.

– Karah (Cincinati, OH) is 33 and deciding how to invest between her 401(k) and HSA.

– John (Cleveland, OH) asks if he should suspend his 401k contributions to pay off debt.

– Bobby (age 32) completes a bachelor’s degree while working full time and raising 3 kids.

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