The Secret Hidden Charge That Can Cost You Thousands

Topics: Scott reveals another hidden financial cost Wall Street and commissioned salespeople don’t want you to know about. As usual he comes up with another classic food analogy to make it 5th grade simple.

– Is your bank pushing you into the wrong products?

– Natalie has a great income but can’t real in her spending.

– Rebecca has some debt to get out of and wants to start investing.

– Julian has a 457 plan and wants my thoughts on the target date fund option in it.

– Mike has been digging into his wife’s 401(k) plan and doesn’t think he’s getting the best returns.

– What do you do with your raises and bonuses?

– Bart (Orlando, FL) has a 6 year old that may have autism and he wants to know how to provide for her later in life.

– Rich wants to automate his budget and learn about working from home.

– Russell is coming out of bankruptcy and working towards being debt free.

– Walter is going to save $2,000/year as a result of the Save $1,000 challenge.

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JP Morgan fined yet again –

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