The One Word That Builds Financial Independence

Topics: There is one word that will do more to build wealth in your life than any other. Do you know what it is?

– Nicholas has a simple tax situation and asks if the free Credit Karma tax service would be better than a $250 CPA.

– Don has $220k cash value in a whole life policy and is considering if he should switch to a term policy.

– Tim (Michigan) is figuring out a good plan for financial independence and retiring at 50 while still being able to spend time with his kids now.

– Phil has $35,000 in investments, will be looking to buy a house soon and asks where the money should be put.

– Deanna the dog walker is opening a taxable investment account and wants to know the yearly tax implications.

– You’re killing it with your 401(k), right?

– The YOLO lifestyle

– Quote of the day brought to you by Charlie Brown.

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