The Men Who Set The Rule On Retirement

Topics: How much money do you need in retirement so that you don’t run out of money before you run out of life? And where does that number come from?

– M works for a railroad and has a question on employee stock purchase plans.

– Bill (Maryland) is deciding on the financial choices between buying a house in neighboring states where there are different property tax rates.

– Justin asks for some clarification on picking the right investment mix.

– Chris gets a win by using BillShark to save $1,000 a year.

– George responds to another listener’s situation and let’s him know he is not alone in dealing with a spouse with mental health issues.

– Aubrey (Texas) has a mom who wasn’t good with money and her mom is considering selling her house to Aubrey at a discount. What are the issues that could come up?

– Quote of the day from @ElvisPresely

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