The Babysitter Was Shot Dead

On today’s show: Under extreme circumstances people will do extreme things to improve their lives. How a babysitter getting shot by a stray bullet changed the course of one family’s life.

– Paul has some follow up comments on his diamond shopping expedition. What is Katie’s diamond worth after owning it for 13 years?

– Zach (Pennsylvania) is a 23-year-old starting his financial journey and asks for feedback on his plan.

– Lal (Michigan) is considering switching financial advisors because she doesn’t know if what she and her husband are invested in are the best options.

– Adelore has a follow-up question on spendthrift trusts and asks if they can be used while the grantor is alive.

– Nick is a pharmacist with $175,000 in student loans. He asks about the priorities of paying off the debts, saving for a house, and investing.

– Can you buy more happiness?

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