The 25 Highest Paying Jobs in 2017

Topics: Scott reviews the latest high-paying jobs for college graduates. Plus the story about one woman who’s happy sitting in a box all day earning $53,000/year.

– Felicia needs help with credit card bills, student loans, and pay day loans.

– Sandy is 63 and still working on overcoming impulse spending.

– Chris asks if employer stock purchase plans are worth it.

– Anne (Wyandotte, MI) is 23 and needs advice on investing or paying off her student loans.

– Diego (Bolivia) and wants to learn how to invest if you live outside the U.S.

– Kaycee picks up a $2,000 wine fridge for free. What are the three P’s of getting a deal?

– Mortgage lenders are fear mongering to get you to refinance.

– Quote of the day from Bon Jovi.

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ESPP are a no brainer –

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