Stunning Advisor Meetings That Actually Happened

Topics: Brad (Hotlanta, GA) gets a rude awakening when looking for financial help. Scott shares insider information on the financial advisor industry.

– One couple’s picnic turns into a money saving tip for you.

– Dalton recently signed up for a 401(k) and is interested on finding income through investing.

– Karl is with a credit union that is pitching him on a low mortgage loan and he asks if it’s too good to be true.

– Bryan is making $30,000 at age 25 and asks about saving priorities.

– Geordi is considering a cross-country move and wants to know what he should consider when making the decision.

– Rashad (Norfolk, VA) is 25 and in good financial shape. He asks about getting started in real estate investing.

– Ashley is pretty good with money but wants to be debt free.

– K’mpec moved to a brand new town and is feeling down about the move. She asks about improving her job situation.

– Miguel (El Paso, TX) shares his debt success story.

– Quote of the day overhead at Walmart.

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