Stardate 47634.44 The Trouble with Tribbles

On today’s show: A look back at the bold psychic predictions of the past few years of the financial pied pipers. Their advice COST customers an average of $60,315.91. Be warned.

– Chad points out a no minimum fund from Schwab to roll a 401(k) into.

– Sharon saves $285 on a medical bill just by asking.

– Luke wants to verify that simple index investing is superior to ‘good growth stock mutual funds pushed by the financial pied pipers.

– The great 2015 robo experiment has come to an end.

– Alexander has $40,000 in student loan debt, collectors calling him, and wants to free himself from overwhelming debt.

– Who Thought Cat Cafes Were a Good Idea?

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Schwab Total Stock Market Index Fund –

Active vs. Passive investing research studies:

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