Manifesto: SS’13 – BLACK

Paying particular homage to their signature luxury fabric, executed through a silent yet intense facade. The obsession – BLACK SILK, channels the aura around SS13 and Maison Fin De Saison’s codified impressions of the male and female, their faculties and expressions through ‘the presence’.
Menswear and Man play a predominent character in creating each season for women. BLACK – the film, is a relative to this intense and divulgent undefinable desire, evident silence, spoken word, repetitive frames and the new collection can all be seen in this seasons film. Official release date 31st August 2012.

The collection extends a luxurious deep jewel BLACK and has been interpreted through softer, more purer silk, ranging from couture chiffon, crepe de chine, georgette and organza. Intensity and transparency fall together in a manner through which, with movement, display a flowing, cinematic silhouette contrary to its initial ideal that encapsulates the season. Neckline’s reveal near nothing and enforce a taller silhouette coated in conservative sophistication. Lengths that fall to the ground and textures that add continuity, yet control and refine the falling of silks. Black fringing details and soft lambskin add definition to individual pieces and reveal undertones of the skin that create a facade of possibilities. Amongst the philosophical mist that forsakes each season, minimalistic and self-interpreted classic silhouettes stand strong. Eventually, Black turns to White and White becomes Black.

Direction and Artistic Direction – Maison Fin De Saison

Director of Photography and Camera – Giovanni Martins |

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