Small Changes That Lead To Big Savings

Topics: Mona saves $3,000 in the savings challenge. Little savings here and there add up to big bucks over time.

– Marty McFly (Hill Valley) shares his financial positions and asks Scott to poke holes in it.

– Aaron (Hotlanta, GA) has a car loan, mortgage, and student loans and asks about prioritizing investing over his debts.

– Kurt (Yorkville, IL) asks my opinion on Acorns.

– Jay’s mom is 67 and is considering her insurance options.

– Daphne asks about insurance policies you can take loans against.

– Where does the 3-month minimum of emergency fund savings come from?

– What is the Rule of 10 and how can you use it to make better purchasing decisions?

– Sarah paid of $30,000 in debt!

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