Signed Mini Helmet – How Much Are These Worth?

When you begin to collect your favorite football teams signed mini helmet its not hard to think of the potential value they may have in the future when they win a Superbowl or a franchise player gets recognized as a influential figure in the NFL, ex. Brett Favre (great player just no Superbowl ring as of this article).

Here’s a simple example showing how much a signed mini helmet can vary, depending on a few factors. First, if its totally authentic with a picture of the player signing, the player is really good and its in great condition you can expect a up $500. For example, an authentic signed mini helmet from Dan Marino has sold $500.

On the other hand a Reggie Bush non authenticated signed mini helmet will put you back about $150 and a replica will cost around $20.

It all depends on the type of collector you are. Some people like to get the most authentic and rare items and others are totally satisfied with a replica. Legit stuff is always nice because it makes you feel like you’re more a part of the team.

If you choose to purchase a big ticket signed mini helmet over the internet make sure the seller has been in business for some time, so you cred they aren’t some fly by night scam artist. Call the contact number an speak with the seller to make sure they will respond if you have any questions. Ask for a authentication number and verify it is indeed authentic. Another way to protect yourself against fraud would be to purchase it with a credit card rather than a debit card, since most credit cards these days offer some type of insurance on your purchases.

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