Roth IRAs for 20 Year Olds

On today’s show: The many lessons that can learned from a simple trip to the grocery store. Get your money bags open for all the tips!

– Carlos came up short in his bank account and got whacked with an overdraft fee. How can he recover the money?

– Are you saving or spending during these boom times?

– Raiin (San Antonio, TX) has relatives that are bad with money and wonders how he can help them.

– The Stupendous Yapi makes an appearance and another bold prediction.

– Jazzmine wants to know if you need qualifications to invest.

– Lilly (Pikeville, KY) is going through a divorce, unemployed, and is trying to figure out how to supplement her income.

– Matthew asks about starting a Roth IRA while he’s only 20 years old.

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