Practical Advice from Bajillionaires on How To Get Rich

Topics: Looking for a little inspiration from those who came from nothing and made it? Listen to what these famous people have to say about building wealth.

– Victor changed jobs and asks if he should take his old 401(k), cash it out and pay off all his debts.

– Jessica is a full-time college student needing ideas on how to save money.

– Gianluigi is contributing to a company IRA and asks if he can contribute to a post-tax IRA as well.

– Why do millennials (or anyone) love Olive Garden?

– Even historic landmarks are running out of money. What does it mean to your retirement?

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IRA Aggregation Rule –

Millennials love free bread sticks –

Colonial Williamsburg has drained it’s endowment fund –

Using money you don’t have quote –

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