Pistols vs. Rifles

Topics: Katie gets into an accident with the Honda Fit. Scott gives a financial and relationship lesson from a bad situation.

– Jean steps into a Rich Dad Education seminar and asks if the 3-day up-sell is worth the $495.

– SEC busts ‘Hamilton’ ticket resale ponzi scheme. What you should watch out for with exotic investment opportunities.

– Queen Latifah has a car loan of $24,000 on a vehicle worth $13,000 and wonders what to do about it.

– In defense of Mariah Carey.

– Deniese has had to file for bankruptcy and asks what to do about her student loans.

– George asks if he qualifies for an HSA, and if not would COBRA be better.

– Wayne (Kalispell, MT) has paid off all his consumer debt!

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Hamilton Ponzi scheme –

The Book on Rental Property Investing –

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