Our Fixer Upper is Now Fixed – The Story and Lessons Learned

Topics: Rock star real estate investor Katie has completed her rehab project of her 1950’s house and shares the good, the bad, and the ugly.

– Kelly got laid off and asks for suggestions on transferring her old 401(k) from her previous employer.

– Jason started tracking his expenses and found out pizza was eating him instead of the other way around.

– Justin is trying to set up a three-fund portfolio but doesn’t have the minimums required and asks about what alternative he should do.

– Miriam has a Thrift Savings Plan with a company match and needs to decide what percent should go towards pre-tax vs. post-tax contributions.

– Abdulah (Saudi Arabia) is working for a company that will be split off and he’s getting a severance package. He asks what to do with the money.

– Shelley is in her 40’s and has some BP stock she lost money on and wonders if it’s time to take the loss and move on.

– Laura (Arizona) got an $80,000 inheritance in 2013, invested it with a financial adLIEser and it’s now worth $86,400. Listen to hear if she was taken for a ride.

– Chris used Bill Shark to save over $1,000 on his cell phone and cable bills.

– George (anonymous) writes in to encourage another listener who has a wife with a mental disorder.

– Quote of the day from @SammyHagar

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