Topics: Scott lays out the things people of all ages should do to build and protect their retirement savings.

– Lori disagrees with me on getting term insurance for a stay-at-home parent.

– Alex is 16 years old and wants some saving tips.

– Erica asks if foreclosures and short sells are the most affordable way to accomplish purchasing rental properties.

– Neal has a bunch of student loan debt and asks if he should pay it off before investing.

– Viko is checking into trading FOREX.

– Lucas (SoCal) has a debt payoff plan but is concerned about not having an emergency fund during the 3-year payoff.

– Elon Musk isn’t as smart as people make him out to be.

– Zach (Silicone Valley) is 30 and paid off $50,000 in debt!

– How much is enough?

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