National Payment Gateway for Debit & Credit Cards in Bahrain

The BENEFIT company brings online payments to the masses with the National Payment Gateway (NPG) project. Learn more at

In conjunction with ACI Worldwide, BENEFIT Company delivered a solution to expand e-Payment acquiring services to a wider set of banks in Bahrain. The shared service is used by 10 e-Acquirers out of the 26 commercial banks in Bahrain.

Mr. Abdulwahid Janahi, CEO at The BENEFIT Company said, “By using ACI Commerce Gateway, we are able to provide all member banks with support for multiple e-channels such as the internet, kiosk, IVR, call centers and mobile. Every bank is now an independent acquirer for all BENEFIT debit cards by default and can add VISA/MasterCard as an option. We greatly value the partnership we have with ACI and are pleased to be recognized in these awards.”

—————— Transcription ——————
Abdulwahid Janahi: I am Abdulwahid Janahi, and I am the CEO of the BENEFIT Company, a company that is owned by 14 commercial banks in Bahrain. We are the shared base platform, and we are the hub for the banking community here in Bahrain. We have 24 banks as the members on our ATM switch, and we have 56 financial institutions on the Credit Reference Bureau. Our customers are the banks. Our shareholders are the banks. We advise them that if you need any sort of a service, we can provide it for you. So each bank, they don’t have to go and invest for themselves. Whenever we provide a service, then it has to be an added value to the banking community.

Yousif Alnefaiei: The demand started from the community. The individual customers demanding to pay for their corporations or governments through websites or online. The corporations would like to offer the same. So corporations, obviously they go and approach the banks. So they have to provide such a service, but they have to invest in the right product. They have to take care of the security, the high availability, the quality of service.
Now large banks could offer the same, but small banks it would be costly. We thought of introducing a shared product that large and small banks equally can use the same features, the same standards, the same high security, and want to enable all types and variety of cards, AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, as well as our local debit cards, and offer it equally to their corporations or end users. We call that a national payment gateway for all of our members.

Adel Salem: We have approached a number of suppliers with the right scope. Among those suppliers, we have actually selected ACI because they have provided a solution that we can implement fast, and they are committed towards that. It’s much easier to integrate with other applications available in the marketplace. And for us, we can provide it as a financial and institution model perfect for every bank in Bahrain. They will not feel that they are actually running on a ASP. They can put their own branding and all of that.

Yousif Alnefaiei: The reason behind choosing the commerce gateway from ACI is because of our long experience with ACI, and having a commerce gateway, on top of the BASE24, it will be like two products from the same family, so integration-wise and even complexity-wise, it’s easy for us to manage.

Adel Salem: The time was four months to introduce something for all Bahrain, for all the banks is a time record. What makes it seriously successful is the integration between the payment gateway and the BASE24, and make the transactions flow securely and easily.



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