MINDFACTEK – Credit Repair

Protect your Credit File with Positive Credit Builder
Your Credit Score is the most important number in your financial life. Your Positive Credit Builder credit analysis document will provide the necessary tools to understand the credit scoring system and how it impacts your financial health and freedom.
Protect your identity with LifeLock
As the leader in proactive identity theft protection, LifeLock takes proven steps to help prevent thieves from destroying your credit and good name – even if they get your information.

Protect Your Loved Ones Future with FES Will and Trust Plan
Planning for life’s uncertainties brings you and your family peace of mind. But a will alone is not enough. You also need a living trust, medical power of attorney, and financial power of attorney.

Protect your finances with FES DebtZero
SAVE THOUSANDS with the most effective, most efficient debt pay off system available. Get out of debt easier than ever with a clear precise plan that is customized for you.


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