Live Long And You May Not Prosper

Topics: Scott shares the M.A.P. principle to help you achieve your retirement goals.

– Phoenix Jet has an AA Advantage card and is deciding if it’s worth to change to something more favorable to travel.

– Our April challenge is here!

– Victor has a questionable 457 plan and asks if he should stay in or switch to putting money in a Roth IRA.

– Another reason why commissioned salespeople should be avoided.

– Roger is a Gen-Xer and shares his goal of having $3.2M by retirement.

– The imperial state overlords of California bumped up the cigarette tax in CA by $2 a pack, will it cause people to save more money?

– One billionaire lost a bunch of investor money, what can you learn from it?

– Juan (Florida) shares what he learned about money as part of our scholarship contest.

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