Lifestyles of the Debt-Free and Infamous

Topics: Scott reveals the characteristics of debt-free people and what their lives look like.

– Rich can’t see the power of compound interest working in his investments and asks if he’s missing something.

– How to save money on home alarm monitoring.

– Cherene is on fire to get out of debt and start investing. She asks about Schwab vs. Vanguard.

– Fiona (Ewa Beach, HI) asks how to send a student to school and not take on $20,000 in student loan debt each year.

– Sachi has $280,000 in student loan debt and asks about how to get out of debt and afford a house.

– What states have the most millionaires?

– Capital One credit card hacks.

– Jeanine is struggling with pop up expenses like medical bills and groceries and asks for how to handle it.

– Shauntel shares what she learned about money.

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