Kristin and Her Husband Paid Off $33,000 in Debt

Topics: Mortgage rates are ticking up – should you be worried?

– How much are financial adliesers paying to be on Top 100 lists?

– New downpayment option for home buyers.

– Anthony (Sparrows Point, Maryland) is getting hit with reorganization fees by his broker.

– JR (San Jose, CA) is deeply invested in his company stock and wonders if he has all his eggs in one basket.

– Talon is in college and finds it hard to save money.

– Kristin and her husband paid off $33,000 in debt and will be debt-free in 2017.

– Jacqueline has $10,000 on a credit card from a vet bill and her husband won’t help her pay it.

Links mentioned on the show:

Curse of the Barron’s list –

New down payment option for homes –

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