Kibble Burger 2018 Psychic Predictions

On today’s show: How college students can optimize their schedule and prepare for the workforce at the same time.

– Katie has a money saving travel tip for parents of small kids.

– Cameron is 17 and is concerned about how to pay for college.

– Charlotte is deciding on when to start collecting social security.

– Joshua (Mahomet, IL) wants to start a drone business but needs money to get it going.

– How much downpayment are people putting on homes?

– Kibble Burger’s new guessing issue is out with loads of time wasters.

– Wells Fargo ripping more people off.

– Ric (San Antonio, TX) has a 21-year-old son and asks about buying a car for him.

– Aini is taking unpaid leave to figure out what to do in life and looks for some guidance.

– Are you dating yourself by carrying a wallet instead of a card case?

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