Jedi Mind Tricks Used By Retailers

Topics: Discover the pricing tricks used to convince you you’re getting a good deal, then learn how to defend yourself from spending too much.

– Have you heard you make over six figures a year flying drones? Hold up, it’s not as easy as the ads make you believe.

– Elaine (Greenville, SC) is graduating from medical school and is seeking out ways to make income without sitting in a lab checking on bacteria samples.

– Ralph has a 403(b) and not much else in the way of reducing his current taxes and wants to know if there are other options.

– Starr’s business has a SEP IRA setup by a full-service Grinch that is robbing her retirement savings.

– What does Experian’s state of the automotive finance market say about our spending patterns?

– Wonder woman (Northern Virginia) is 33, her husband is 35 with a net worth of $850k. They max out their retirement savings and ask about their next steps in investing.

– The way of the pirate.

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Experian State of the Automotive Finance Market –

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