Investor Confidence Is High Among the Affluent, Financial Advisors Seen as Important Partners

After six years of positive returns on the S&P 500, affluent investors are feeling confident in their ability to manage their money and investments. The sting of 2008 still hurts, however, and more than half (54%) of affluent investors are concerned about losing money again due to market turbulence, according to a new Wells Fargo Affluent Investor survey conducted by Harris Poll. The survey focused on investors between the ages of 30-75 who have $250,000 or more in investable assets, not including retirement and property holdings. Men are more likely than women to report confidence in their ability to navigate investment choices. Nearly half (49%) of affluent women do not trust themselves to manage their own investments during uncertain market conditions. TheStreet’s Lauren Lyons Cole has details from New York.

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