I’ll Die In Debt

On today’s show: Seventeen year old Steve has parents with split financial personalities. He’s carving his own path.

– Beth (Auburn Hills, MI) was gifted some stock and wants to sell it and asks how to figure out the taxes she would pay considering she doesn’t know how much the stock was purchased for.

– Mike contributed money to a Roth IRA and based on his estimated taxes this year asks if it would have been better to do a Traditional IRA, and if so can what can he do.

– Bob (Garden State) asks about the differences between growth, value, and blend mutual funds that he has in his Roth IRA and 401(k).

– Average household debt is approaching levels not seen since the last recession. What’s going to happen?

– Seth (Birmingham, AL) asks if his fiance should open a separate Roth IRA.

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