How To Remove Negative Items From Credit Report, What Is A Bad Credit Score, Help To Fix My Credit

How To Remove Negative Items From Credit Report, What Is A Bad Credit Score, Help To Fix My Credit

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The Credit Agencies May be Breaking the law!

We are questioning credit reporting law…..

not whether a record is yours or not yours or whether the negative credit thing is substantial or precise …….

we are debating whether the Credit Departments have that “irrefutable evidence” they are needed by law to have on that record.

So this is NEVER about what sort or earnestness of the negative credit thing we challenge…..

YOU just want the documentation the Loan bosses are using to make a determination that you owe a debt.

On the off chance that we were to demand that same undeniable information from the “Creditor” they normally go along rapidly and will generally fax or mail you a duplicate of your record application/history inside 24 hours.  

So why cant the credit reporting agencies? Simple they have no documentation!

That is fine if the creditors have this information…..

but the credit agency’s do not so in reality they are posting unverified information on your reports and that’s unlawful!

The credit agencies by law need to have a duplicate of that same unquestionable information in their records that the creditors have since they are the organizations reporting your data to businesses requesting a credit report right? Under the FCRA 15 U.S.C. 1681…..

the Credit Bureaus need to give you a duplicate of obvious documentation in the event that it is asked for by you the buyer.

We have NEVER Gotten a solitary duplicate of evident verification on even one single customer record that we have asked for from the Credit Bureaus…….never!

Clearly, They don’t have any evident verification on document for any records!

You can start from the very beginning again with a clean credit report and a triple-AAA credit rating in no time…

ready to get the lowest rates accessible to people with FICO assessments in the mid to high 700’s.? Well

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