How To Have A Financial Plan Like A Billionaire – For Free

Topics: Scott shares a recent conversation he had with someone that created a financial plan for a client that just became a billionaire. Hear about the simple philosophy of how the ULTRA RICH manage their wealth and how you can apply the same principles to your own finances.

– The 19-year-old millionaire who’s on his way to being broke.

– Chris has a wife with a mental illness and is having challenges trying to get out of debt.

– Princess Leia is moving from American Funds to Vanguard next year and is deciding between waiting to put the money work or let it sit in cash.

– How did the Eton Park hedge fund do compared to the boring old stock market last year?

– Miguel wants feedback on the Robinhood app for investing.

– Bryan (Saco, Maine) is unloading a rental home at a loss and asks about the tax implications.

– Brian and his wife paid of $10,000 in debt!

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– Cuban slugger orders ten exotic cars –

– $7 Billion Hedge fund shutting down –

– National Alliance on Mental Illness –

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