How To Guarantee Yourself Success

Topics: What type of choices would you have to make over a long period of time to see significant results?

– Which former CEO worth $181 million is buying his own raisin bran?

– Alec is 26 asks about Vanguard index funds vs. Betterment vs. Roth IRA

– One weird job that pays up to $80/hour.

– Carolyn is 51 with a special needs daughter and needs to do some retirement catch-up.

– Are you paying a monthly fee for your credit score? You’re waisting your money.

– Carlos (Zambia) is 24 and trying to figure out how to pursue his childhood dream of being a pilot.

– How to really read more books in 2017.

– Scam alert – popular websites are being mirrored and look very convincing.

Links mentioned on the show:

Rent, food, utility assistance –

Steps to become an airline pilot –

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