How To Guarantee You Won’t Go Broke In Retirement


– The Stupendous Yappi once again gets another prediction right and shares how you can profit from his psychic ability.

– Another pension plan bites the dust and its the union members who are paying the price for mis-management.

– Bart (Orlando, FL) is a bartender with inconsistent income and needs a good way to budget. Genevieve is an independent contractor with the same situation.

– Nick reported using Credit Karma free tax service he got a higher return back than last year when he used a pro.

– Steve asks about ETF newsletters and if they are worth the cost.

– Neil (Minneapolis, MN) works two jobs and can’t find the time with his wife to budget.

– Homeowner tip for new buyers and current home owners.

– Stefanie asks where to put an emergency fund.

– Loren (Grey Eagle, MN) has a pension and wants a way to calculate the net present value.

– Brian (Cheesehead, WI) has a lump sum to invest and asks if it’s better to do dollar cost averaging (DCA) or get the money working all at once.

– Is my wife’s local advisor charging unfair fees and taking advantage?

– Quote of the day from ???

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25 ETF newsletters –

Vanguard Dollar Cost Averaging Study –

Calculate the present value of an annuity or pension –

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