How To Conquer The World With Kindness

Topics: Scott discusses the power of being nice and how it can lead to bigger and better opportunities, both in business and in life.

– What are the tax implications of day trading?

– Increase productivity in 5 seconds with this simple trick.

– Javier has $250k in a TSP and is looking to expand into other investments.

– Maggie’s husband wants to get involved in a business venture and she wonders if it’s a scam.

– How to invest in gold.

– Frankie is 28, married, debt-free and has a $46k inheritance he would like advice on what to do with.

– Brady wants to setup an online savings account for a new car fund and wonders where to do it.

– Terry’s husband re-allocated his 401(k) funds to a money market account and want help knowing what funds to invest in.

– Wife of a listener wants her husband to be polite but firm when asking for discounts.

– Quote of the day brought to you by Thor.

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