How to Clean, Repair and Maintain Your Ghillie Suit

Ghillie Suits are used in camouflage, specially designed for hunters, snipers and army men or women. They help in crawling over rugged and uneven grounds, running through bushes and can be stored easily in wet and dirty places. While you’re in one, making one’s position and behavior becomes difficult to determine; locating their position and movements become really tough. Whether it is about hunting or paintballing, your Ghillie will generally go through a lot of wear and tear and this is why periodic maintenance is a must i.e. it has to be washed and cleaned.

There is some confusion about cleaning and washing Ghillie. Many inexperienced people believe that these suits can never be cleaned. They believe that they can be dragged to cow patties and are ready to be worn again. They consider it to be a coffee pot that can never be cleaned! However, the reality is just the opposite. Ghillie suits can always be cleaned and washed and turned into a pret-o-porter and experts in the field sniping and hunting are quite aware of this fact.

The first and foremost rule in keeping your Ghillie in working condition, is to make it clean and dry. Using a mixture of simple chemicals and detergents, will allow you to a clean look to the most stinking and dirty looking suit in the world! For cleaning and washing, you can lay it down on the driveway and spray hosed water on it. Spraying plain water is the best instead of using any unknown chemicals or soaps. This method is to be applied for the older suits as well. The suit is to be dried under the sun for a few hours. Nevertheless, whatever method you choose, the place for drying should be clean and tidy; find out a proper place for doing so. This is important because the suit is prepared from various sensitive materials that can be affected by the drying conditions.

The Ghillie suit is generally made from branches and twigs and therefore there is a lesser chance of damage occurring. The threads might get loose, torn or shredded. Although, with torn and shredded Ghillie suit, it is possible to break in places but that will be a matter of concern because it may not be able to hide your identity for too long. Therefore, it is necessary that they should be repaired as early as possible. Since, all the threads are tied with simple overhand or loop knot, it can be replaced easily by untying the damaged one and tying a new thread in its place. It can be considered as a type of suit that can be repaired with a thread sewn into a material or by shoving a needle through a cloth. Put the clump of thread around it and shove it within the cloth and then tie a knot. In case you have broken webbing, you can repair it by tying a piece of cord across the hole. Rarely do you find Ghillie suit that has been severely damaged with a big hole in it. In case you have one, it can be repaired with more strings.

Ghillie suit needs to be repaired as early as possible otherwise any skin revealing from your suit can prove to be fatal in hostile conditions!

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Source by Chris M. Adams

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