How Teens Can Become Millionaires

Topics: Rethinking student loans and even car loans could cost your high school student $550,000 over their lifetime. That’s a lot of pizza!

– Rafael (New York City, NY) noticed Warren Buffet takes massive positions in individual stocks and wonders why.

– DJ (Cali) has four taxable investment accounts and asks if there is too much overlap.

– Darren (Irving, TX) earns $75,000/year and asks how much house he and his girlfriend can afford.

– Odo has exceeded the limits for IRA contributions and has a question on how it might be possible to do a backdoor Roth IRA.

– How soon can you buy a house after a foreclosure?

– A money saving tip on car rentals.

– Megan shares the money lessons she learned growing up, submitted as part of our scholarship program.

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Caleb Maddix, The Extraordinary 14-Year-Old Entrepreneur –

Backdoor Roth conversions –

Bankrate mortgage calculator –

Embracing your inner child –

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