How Should Chris Setup His 401(k)?

On today’s show: Last, last minute gift shopping ideas both for the holidays and for future gift giving events.

– Shelley has a SEP IRA at work and is trying to decide between a Roth or Traditional IRA contribution.

– Chris is 25 and just starting work. He asks about how to set up his 401(k).

– Are you saving if you’re part of the gig economy?

– Jemima has credit card debt and student loans but is also trying to pay for her daughter’s tuition.

– Today’s money hack is the importance of shopping around for a good contractor.

– Jasmine (United Kingdom) has $3,000 to invest but knows nothing about how to get started and asks if she needs an advisor.

– Laura asks if it’s better to save Roth money in a regular investment account and then transfer it to a Roth account.

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