How Other's Credit Affects All of Us

We are all in this together. When 70% of adult Americans have blemished credit, it affects all of us, even when we are of the 30% who have a clean record. At EzCreditLife, we desire for all of us to be in the group that has good credit, however, just getting our credit repaired is not enough. If we live the same old habits, we will soon be back to blemished credit.

In our last newsletter we looked at the power of our thoughts, our words, and we thought about two words, observing how they play a role in our lives today. Did doing this exercise create new thoughts for us?

Having watched, thought about, and pondered on dominator and dominated, what came up for us? What did we feel when thinking about them? Did they create happy feelings?

Sit comfortably, relax, be in a quiet space, and think about these words for a second. Happiness, fun, exciting, rewarding, confidence, riches and wealth, what do we feel now in our energy? Do we have a smile on our face? Did we think of pleasant things we love to participate in?

Now, relax again let's think about dominate, ruler, and dominated. What happened to our smile, our energy, even our well-being?

On a scale of 1-10 where did the first set of words place us? One being down in the pits and 10 being on top of the world. Did we feel on the cloud with the first set?

What did the second set do? Did our energy shift? Did we go down to the one? What caused this shift in energy while thinking these two different set of words? Does this shift come from the power of words? Think happiness NOW!

Let's look at our word dominate for a moment. What is the first thing that comes to mind? What are our feelings when we look at this word? What does dominate mean to us?

We may be wondering, what has this got to do with our credit report. Where is EzCreditLife coming from, so join us for a while, then let's ponder new thoughts for a week, examine our opportunities, fair enough?

The dictionary says this for dominate: to rule or control, to exert the supreme determinating or guiding influence on, to occupy the most prominent position on.

What happens when we find the home we want to move to and we get turned down because of blemished credit? What happens when we finally land the job we want but get restructured because of our poor credit?

When we are turned down because of poor credit who is in control of our outcome? Who has the supreme determining influence on our income, is it the credit reporting agencies? Is this who we are looking for to create our life's experiences?

Would not we agree that the credit agencies are the dominator and we have been dominated? Now, we know what this does to our energy, to our feelings, controlling how we respond to our circumstances. We are now under the control of the supreme ruler, the credit agency, right?

Before going to bed tonight let's take a few moments, look at our day. As we went though the day, were we dominated or were we the dominator? Does not it seem that our whole society is based on a dominator / dominated relationship? Is this healthy?

When we are either the dominator or dominated, what is it doing to our financial health, our mental health, our emotional health, our spiritual health, and to our general well being?

Let's take control of our credit, let's get it cleaned up. Let's take action in creating an improved lifestyle.

Source by Dottiedee Glass

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