How Can I Fix My Credit – The Real Truth

Somewhere along the line you have asked yourself the question, "How Can I Fix My Credit." No matter what the reason is for this awakening, I want to congratulate you for finally getting to this point. It is important that you understand that there is no magic button to push and your credit will be all better. The goal of this article is to help you discover why it is so important to take the future of your credit in your own hands and what you can do about it.

Before we can get into how to rebuild your credit it is important that you understand how things work. This is the point were most people go wrong and find themselves in over their heads. By the time they realize what is going on (if they ever figure it out) their credit is totally destroyed. With this thought in mind lets start out by first understanding the foundation of this Multibillion Dollar industry that is known as Credit.

It is more advantageous to the credit bureaus for you to have bad credit than it is for you to have good credit. It use to be that the credit bureaus only made money by selling access to your information. Over the last few years the credit bureaus have added an additional revenue stream to their business model. This new revenue stream comes directly from the consumers pockets. Chances are you have seen the commercial free credit report dot com. This company was recently sued because they were driving consumers out of their money by luring them in with promises of a free credit report. Guess who is the owner of fraudulent company? Experian – one of the three major credit bureaus.

Consumer beware is the warning put out by the Federal Trade Commission to consumers wanting to use credit repair services. The statement went on to explain to consumers that there was nothing that any credit repair service or company could do for you that could not do for yourself. Even with the warning people still waste thousands and thousands of dollars in an effort to repair their credit. The reality of the matter is more people care about what time American Idol comes on than they do the status of their credit report which could affect their entitlement financial future. The hardcore pathetic truth is, no one wakes up in the morning worrying about their credit report, until they want to make a major purchase and they are denied.

I dedicated myself to helping others learn the truth about credit and its inner workings every since the day I was told that I could not buy a bag of marshmallows with a cosigner. What I discovered was the credit system is nothing more than a big lie that was designed to keep you in debt. Unfortunately there is no way for me to cover all of the details and help you to repair your credit in one single article. It is for this reason that I created some videos for you to watch that will help you accomplish two things. The first video will expose the credit repair crime that is taken place right before your eyes. I touched on a bit of this information in this article. In the second video you will discover the ONLY source for getting a free credit report, as well as the 5 Credit Repair Myths the will forever change your life.

Source by Tim Beachum

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