Getting Out of Debt – How the Recession is Making it Convenient to Get Out of Debt

When you get a credit card, you inevitably fall into a false sense of security. You suddenly think that you have more money than you actually have. What you actually have is more credit, and it costs more money in the end. Each time you make a purchase, fees and interest will be added to the amount of money that you spent, but typically, you do not really know how much each purchase is actually costing you. This is part of what led to the recession, but now, you can use the recession to get out of debt.

Over the decades, we have learned that it is always safer to use credits instead of cash, for numerous reasons. Those reasons actually make good sense. If you carry cards, and you get robbed, you can quickly cancel the cards without losing anything. If you use cards, instead of cash, and you have a problem with the service or product that you purchased, you can cancel the charge through your credit card company. Credit cards are easy to obtain, and easy and safe to use. But at what cost does this safety come?

This is where the danger of cards comes in. We often use good sense when we shop, looking for the best value, but we often forget or ignore the fact that when we make our financial sense purchase, we are spending more money than what is printed on the price tag, in the form of Interest and fees that the credit card company will charge for the purchase. The truth is that if you get robbed, and your cash is taken – instead of your credit cards – you will lose less money than you will pay in interest and fees in a few months time with a credit card.

Source by Morgan Laronte

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