G.O.A.T Food

Topics: Scott announces his brand new discounted home delivery food service.

– Why paying attention to your reward points on your credit card can save you money.

– Rhonda has $5,000 in medical debt that is holding her back and asks what to do about it.

– Darren (Winnipeg, Manitoba) and his wife are deciding between paying down their primary home, getting a rental home, or investing their excess cash.

– Sylvia shares how timing the car buying market saved her big bucks.

– Emily (Massachusetts) is applying for scholarships and wants some tips on how to pay for college.

– Starr has 15 credit cards and asks about having too much credit available if she plans on getting a mortgage.

– No. 1 Question Asker Rafael asks why Warren Buffet tells people to do passive investing when he (Warren) does active investing.

– Jay (Philippines) sold his refrigerator to pay off a medical debt for his grandpa.

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