From Socialist to Capitalist

On today’s show: Steve was an 18-year-old working in a tourist information center. With an in-depth knowledge of Irish history, he was asked to lead a walking tour of French tourists. Hear how he turned this opportunity into his dream job.

– Kelly’s husband borrowed $150,000 from his retirement to fund a friend’s business. Twelve years later the friend owe’s him $200,000. What should be done?

– A simple tip to increase your credit score.

– Mario is 40-years-old and asks if he should cash out his $26k 401(k) balance to pay off credit card debt.

– Ashley is trying to get over the last hump of being out of debt and asks for some help.

– What can a 30-year-old dolphin named Fungi teach you about investing?

– Tyler is the millionaire next door. Hear his story of becoming debt free.

– Quote of the day from Frank McCourt.

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