Free Credit Report – Is It Necessary During Today's Times?

Credit Worthiness

Free Credit Reports are plastered all over the place, internet, TV, radio, and mail. The need to know is so important these days because everyone wants to know your credit. The current credit crunch that is taking place is making it tough to get loans, jobs, credit cards, and / or new place to rent. We all know things come up and cause credit issues, but if your credit shows a pattern of credit problems creditors want to know your risk. The foreclosure boom that is taking place now has almost put some of the largest banks out of business. Fair Isaacs's new software Next Gen is so precise in determining your risk, it will be the standard for calculating your score. With this new software it will soon be adopted with Freddie and Fannie in the underwriting decision process. Call me silly, but it looks like having your free credit report during today's times is a must.

Identity Theft

The digital age has also made your information accessible, and if there is some kind of security break you would never know unless you signed up for credit monitoring services. The 3 credit bureaus now offer credit report monitoring services. Since this is a huge problem, this is another reason to have a copy of your free credit report to see if there is anything on there that may not be yours. Identity theft is such a huge problem that you can not take any risks. According to statistics, once you have been robbed of your good name, you will be out of pocket somewhere in the range of $ 8,000. Identity Theft does not care who you are, they will steal you blind and destroy your credit.

Save Money

Having a copy of your Free Credit Report will save you money on credit cards, bank installations, mortgage rates, and just about any loan you apply for. In past articles we have discussed how you would end up paying thousands of dollars more because either you were not educated about your report, or you just had bad credit period. The result was creditors charged high interest rates on borrowed money. Just imagine if you could save an extra $ 200.00 dollars a month because you knew your credit scores and what was being reported about you. $ 200.00 dollars a month over 15 yrs is $ 36,000 dollars saved not including interest earned. If you start to really get down to the nuts and bolts of your personal creditworthiness and how it can affect your life I would say it's pretty darn important. I would not wait any longer, get your report today and be an educated and protected consumer.

Source by Mike Clover

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