Finding Happiness

Topics: Scott shares the story of how he once lost a basketball game 108-12 and how the biggest competition in your life isn’t what you think it is.

– Trish is a photographer who always ends the month in debt and asks how to make more money while pursuing her passion.

– Justin is 30 years old with $50,000 and is deciding if he should put money into a Roth IRA or put the money towards real estate investing.

– Mario is in debt and wonders if he should just stop paying on his credit cards.

– Juliana is spending 2/3 of her income on rent and doesn’t know how to budget for her situation.

– Samuel (Parts Unknown) is an international listener and is looking for free ways to invest.

– Nuno and his wife are debt free and want advice on the next step after maxing out retirement accounts and paying off their homes.

– John isn’t happy with his investing returns and wants to know how to increase them.

– Grace (Canada) is interested in socially responsible investing and wants my take on it.

– Are you putting your raise to work?

– Quote of the day from W. James Bragg.

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