Financial Tips For New Graduates

Topics: What should new graduates know before heading off to college or heading out into the working world?

– David got a $20k raise at his current job. Discover how he did it.

– PackerFan (YouTube) has some confusion on picking between a Roth 401(k) and a regular 401(k) and future tax brackets.

– Lisa (Melbourne, AU) has an investment property that is cash flow positive but hasn’t increased in value and asks if it’s worth keeping.

– Red alert warning: Homeowners beware! Watch out for this trickery going around.

– Shari has a resource that will increase your credit score in 48 hours.

– Gary has some investments at one of the full service brokers and asks if it’s wise to move the investments elsewhere.

– Dolores has a tip on extreme couponing.

– A 32-year-old real estate investor who is worth over $1M.

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